Pact for Prosperity

Georgia’s citizens are an asset to the state government, not an expense. Dawn Johnson pledges to work for policies that invest in the prosperity of our citizens, our communities and the State of Georgia. Dawn offers the following pact for prosperity:


Healthcare is out of reach for most Georgia families. We shouldn’t be broke because we’re sick, or sick because we’re broke. Dawn will fight to give all Georgians access to healthcare, protect rural hospitals, and stop Georgia’s alarming trend of rising infant and maternal mortality rates.

Jobs and Infrastructure

Georgia has been great for corporations, but now it needs to be great for its citizens. Our current administration sees citizens as an expense. Dawn sees them as our greatest resource. To give Georgians the opportunity to succeed, Dawn will stand up for working families and invest in citizens and communities so they can have access to good jobs and modern infrastructure. We can make work work again for Georgians.


Education is the foundation of opportunity and prosperity for all of Georgia’s children. Dawn will ensure that Georgia gives kids an education that positions them for success in any college or workplace. To create a competitive workforce and give Georgia’s kids an even playing field, Dawn will push for comprehensive education policies.

Other Issues

Dawn will fight for the civil rights and liberties of all Georgians and for environmental preservation.

Racial Justice

Dawn has a comprehensive plan to systemic racism from police reform, education, and government programing. If elected, she will propose legislation to have a Department of Equity added to each agency to ensure equity in hiring and service delivery, education reforms aimed at equity in funding and supports to students, and propose to repeal qualified immunity for police, and seek changes in how police are hired, trained, and retained.