Jobs and Infrastructure

Dawn Johnson knows that Georgia’s Citizens are our greatest resource. To give Georgians the opportunity to succeed, Dawn will stand up for working families and invest in citizens and communities so they can have access to good jobs and modern infrastructure. No one who works a full time job in the state of Georgia should have to rely on food stamps, and everyone who works should be able to visit a doctor when they need to. We can make work work again for Georgians.

Dawn knows that Georgians are hard-working, and they want jobs. To realize the untapped potential of all Georgians, Dawn supports access to good schools and needed healthcare because no one can live up to their full potential without quality education and the ability to visit a doctor’s office when they’re sick or hurt. Dawn knows that the lack of reliable broadband internet in rural parts of district 47 keeps students there from being able to access the high quality educational experiences enjoyed by students in other parts of the state. For that reason, she promises to fight to bring broadband internet to all of District 47. This will improve the quality of education in the district, and make each person more competitive in the labor market. It will also allow people easier access to job listings and online applications.

Dawn also believes that hard work should be rewarded. It’s not enough to say work is important. To show that Georgia values its workers, we must make sure that work offers people the dignity of a living wage. Dawn supports legislation that will ensure a living wage for all working Georgians. For too long, our government has created barriers to workers’ ability to form unions to fight for fair pay and benefits. Dawn will roll back Right to Work laws that have stifled wages and benefits for Georgia’s. She will also fight to expand employment protections to contracted workers who are routinely denied benefits despite working long hours. In addition, she will provide tax credits for working families and provide subsidies for childcare to make working affordable for parents.

In order to attract new jobs to Georgia, Dawn will reject socially regressive policies that scare away new industries and harm our economy. Dawn will also create targeted job programs for Georgians with significant barriers to employment. In order to create jobs, Dawn will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and put Georgians to work revitalizing our state. She will also support initiatives to make all government buildings green by 2023, a move that will provide jobs and training in new expanding green technology. Dawn will provide incentives for businesses to go green as well.

While giant companies have benefited from corporate tax cuts in Georgia, Georgia’s current government ignores the fact that it is the workers who truly make companies profitable. It’s time to see government and industry alike acknowledge this reality. Dawn Johnson will fight for workers and their families.